3d glasses for children Children Size 3D Glasses Circular

PA0001 2*250g double paper 3D glasss , It is widely usea area, for looking 3D pictures ,3D magazines,3D movies, watching 3D movie on your normal computer, or normal TV,as long as the movie is red blue movie. People can watch 3D movie every day at any time, because it doesn't need special machine.

Product Details

3D red and blue glasses

Model : PA0001 Anaglyph 3D glasses lenses are 0.17mm thickness PET color filter. All the materials are new, meet international environment requirements. We have RoHs, CE(EN-71)certificates.

1.3D red and blue  glasses library choose it to match children's story books. Offer children more vivid story. 3D glasses make the fairy tell become ture.

2.School choose it to teach students how the image come into human's brain. 3D glasses make students learn more knowledge.

3.We can printing logo on the frame ,any color is ok

4.Shake you head when you wear our glasses ,the picture will swing .