transparent red flip-up diffraction glasses

transparent red flip-up diffraction glasses Flip-up diffraction glasses up lens and down lens can be clear 13500 lines , or up lens clear 13500 lines and down lens sunglasses. Available frame :transparent red ,transparent purple,pink,green ,blue ,orange ,white ,black ,transparent green ,glow in dark and more ... Thickness:0.65mm

Product Details

transparent red flip-up diffraction glasses

Flip-up diffraction glasses  ideal for birthday party ,Christmas ,festival ,compfire ,firework show ,concert and more ...

(1).Flip-up glasses Double 13500 Fireworks Effect Plastic Diffraction Glasses are a great way to get your party started off!

(2).With their unique double 13500 lens diffraction effect,any light source can turn into instant entertainment!

(3).Hony Optical Ultimate Diffraction Glasses provide 3 times the diffraction effect of competitors.

(4).These glasses are a necessity for truly experiencing any light shows or raves.

(5).Open your eyes to the world of Rainbow diffraction and realize how exciting your world can be.

(6)With uses ranging from holiday lights, fireworks, school experiments, even afternoon fun, our plastic diffraction glasses are sure to bring joy and excitement to any user. 

(7).While you will love the quality and durability of our plastic glasses, what you will love most is the price! Enjoy the best prices on the market, and discounts for the more you buy.