Fan-free Passive 3D Modulator For Cinema Use

Fan-free Passive 3D Modulator For Cinema Use
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Product Details
Turbo ScreenPolarizer Dimensions234*211*25mm
Optical PrincpleCircular Polarization
Light Transmittance40%±1
Cross talk ratio0.5%
light Efficiency17%
contrast Ratio〉150:1
Suported Frame Rate24/48/60 fps
2D/3D Intelligent Switchover(TMS)available
one-click Transposition of left and right pictureavailable
Silver ScreenGain coefficient〉2.4
Polarization contrast〉150:1
Digital ProjectorSupported BrandsNEC,Barco,Christie
Supported Luminance32000lm


HONY3D-S,a circular passive 3D system

for cinema, employs an achromatic liquid

crystal device to achieve high contrast and

accurate gamma correction. Co-working withheat-resist technology, HONY3D-S can withstand intense light over 32000 lum (50000lum for laser projector).


17 % light efficiency


With excellent surface treatment and LC technology, HONY3D-S can provide 17% light efficiency.


0.5 % cross talk ratio


By controlling the LC molecules accurately, HONY3D-S provides ghost-free images to the viewer.


2D/3D automatic shift


TMS supported, HONY3D-S can detect the state of projector and shift between 2D and 3D mode





With the use of heat-resist coating technology, the maximum withstand 50000Lum glare.

Avoid dust accumulation without cooling fan.


No external power supply


With the use of ultra low power consumption electronic components, HONY3D-S works

without external power supply, it supplies power by 3D interface of the digital projector.