heart shaped diffraction glasses Heart frame diffraction glasses

Shenzhen HONY Optical Co.,Ltd is the best heart frame diffraction glasses manufacturer and supplier. The lens can be 13500 line or spiral lines . Thickness :0.65m,usd over and over again . See rainbow color when you look at lights .

Product Details

Heart frame diffraction glasses

Fashion heart frame diffraction glasses prefer for festival ,christmas party ,compfire ,concert ,light shows and more ...

The Patented  Lens Technology used in these glasses produces remarkable clarity and clear shapes. The unique heart shaped diffraction effect is only evident when you are looking head on at a point of light. When you are standing in front of the main-stage of your next major EDM festival, these glasses will make the lights explode into rainbow colors .

(1).Typically worn by concert and rave-goers, these glasses use a special kind of lens to diffract light into a multitude of rainbow colors. The lens works similar to a prism, splitting white light into its component colors. This means that whenever you put these glasses on, any light source will appear as a kaleidoscope of colors

(2)Mode size :140*60*145MM

(3).The lens also can be spiral diffraction effect 

(4).Enhancing any light shows or performances

(5).Viewing light source directly ,such as LED ,street lamp,table lamp ,and more 

(6).Also for education physical experiment

(7).700pcs per carton ,carton size :76cm*41cm*60cm ,G.W :21.5kg.

(8)Accept logo printing .