Paper spiral diffraction glasses

Spiral paper diffraction glasses . Paper diffraction glasses special for compfire ,birthday party ,festival ,Christmas ,firework show ,and more . Thickness :0.17mm Diffraction effect :clear 13500 lines ,spiral ,heart ,snowman,snowflake... Size :40*38mm sample :welcome

Product Details

Paper spiral diffraction glasses

Diffraction glasses also called rainbow glasses ,special for all kinds of light show and party ,there are star and smiles ,long star lens ,christmass tree ,santa and more .

(1).Dual Fold Lines: One Size Fits All - these make unique party favors for kids!

(2).Sure ,there are other paper diffraction glasses on the market, but you will not find any that compare to ours. HONY3D  Paper Cardboard Diffraction Glasses feature the same effect as our Ultimate Diffraction Glasses, providing over 3 times the light diffraction effect of other paper glasses. 

(3).These glasses are made with a very sturdy and durable 250-gram cardboard stock that is coated to resist sweat and light moisture. 

(4). Paper diffraction glasses have a multitude of uses and are great for all ages

(5).Enjoy the best prices on the market, and discounts for the more you buy.