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Analysis on eight trends of global 3D stereoscopic film industry cluster development

Aug 04, 2015

From a variety of perspective, today's 3D stereoscopic film frenzy is unstoppable, one of the mainstream industries, not only in the field of film and television industry, and has also spread to other areas, a global development of 3D industry, there are currently eight major trends emerging.

First major trends, global stereoscopic 3D film and television production industry will maintain a rapid pace of development, but on the whole is still in its infancy. According to United States data in a global research firm, 2010 global 3D TV shipments reached 3.2 million units, and forecast global shipments will exceed 27 million units by 2013. In 2018, the global 3D TV shipments will be 64 million units, market share will reach 20%, the output value is expected to reach 17 billion dollars. From an overall perspective, content and related technologies, standards, not yet fully developed, although international has developed a prototype 3D display standard system, but has not yet formed a complete 3D display standard architecture, 3D stereo imaging industry is still in the early stages of industrial development.

The second trend, leading content market in Europe and America, leading industry become more dominant in end markets in East Asia. Global development has been formed in the 3D industry leading content market in Europe and America, leading industry competition pattern in end markets in East Asia. Europe and the 3D industry in terms of content production advantages. European and American markets with advanced 3D content monitoring systems, as well as professional content production team, advanced media application markets, competitive advantage. Terminal display in the 3D industry advantage in East Asia, relatively complete industry chain. Especially 3D flat panel display technology with global competitiveness.