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Cinama Passive Triple Beam Modulator

Aug 21, 2018

Triple beam 3D  system HONY3D-T, with more efficient optical coating and polarization  conversion device, can achieve light efficiency of up to 30%, leading  the market similar products. The HONY3D-T is paired  with an achromatic LCD polarization modulator to achieve perfect  polarization processing in the visible light spectrum, ensuring that the  color of the screen image matches the output of the digital projector  while maintaining a very low crosstalk rate, presenting a ghost-free  level of 3D to the viewer. image. The TB III projection ratio is as low as 1.25:1, providing a choice for a low-cost solution for the giant screen studio.

Triple beam system cancels the  external power supply. The power supply, synchronization signal and TMS  functions are only used by one line. The digital projector's 3D  Interface interface supplies power and provides synchronization signals,  completely avoiding the problem that the equipment cannot work due to  power failure. Support TMS system, 2D/3D automatic switching, truly meet the requirements of unattended projection room. More support for a variety of installation methods: cabinet installation, landing, lifting!
Triple beam system's precise mechanical structure is matched with perfect optics. The  image of the three optical paths has a screen overlap error of less than  1 pixel, and the image is sharper and perfectly restores the 4K picture  quality. The optimized mechanical structure  ensures long-term stability of the image and solves the problem of image  movement of high-efficiency 3D products.

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