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How To Use 3D Glasses Correctly? What Should I Pay Attention To When Watching 3D Movies?

Aug 17, 2018

1.3D glasses only have gray temple parts as touchable parts. Frames and liquid crystal lenses are strictly forbidden to touch. When holding glasses, please hold the temples. Do not force the temples to avoid damage.

2. The lens can not be wiped with any paper towel or towel. If you feel that the lens is not clean enough, you can raise your hand to indicate the waiter, and the waiter will serve you. There will be staff in the front row throughout your viewing, ready to serve you.


3. If you have glasses, if you have a low degree, please take off the myopia, or let the staff change the position for you. If not, please watch the temple with both hands. Gently wear 3D glasses and keep the two glasses at a distance to avoid scratching each other.


4. In the process of watching your movie, if you leave the theater for any reason, you need to return your eyes to the staff and take the ticket stub again into the cinema. Please do not leave the glasses to your partner or put them in your seat when you leave. Cup holder.


5. With the children's audience, please wear and take off your 3D glasses for your children. Don't let children play and play with glasses. Please take care of them and look after the children around you.


6. When a movie theater is showing a stereoscopic movie, the rest time must be lengthened to avoid dizziness or reduce eye damage.