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In 2015, Popular Spectacles, What Does?

Aug 04, 2015

2015 years of summer really of is not General, Wuhan of storm makes Wuhan became a seaview, while, Yangtze River also in Wuhan of side, really of is two big wonders, see with two big wonders, let I reminds has summer in of beach, that but beauty of resort, countless beauty in Beach summer, in also sea of care Xia, sea beauty, people more beauty! Then, sunglasses is girls and ultimately forced the magic of sunlight, and likewise, sunglasses are also women--"escort", they add more cool artifact for girls, what do you say it's not!

Next, we introduce the "escort"!

In 2015, who escort the first prize?

In 2015, the many types of escort, who is the most popular?

Championship series sunglasses--wood, of course!

Similarly,-and most popular-wooden series sunglasses!

You, whether wooden series sunglasses, why does this cow? Because, first, he beautifully and, secondly, environmental protection;