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Spectacle Frames Of Common Sense

Aug 04, 2015

Myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism with glasses must be checked to the hospital vision, Mydriasis optometry, and measure the distance between two pupils. Mydriasis optometry is to eliminate the effect of impact and caused by pseudomyopia components. Measure the distance between the eye pupils is to determine the distance between the glasses on both sides of the optical center of the lens, they must be consistent, or a Prism effect may occur and interfere with vision,

1, children should choose plastic frame.

Select spectacle frames to fully meet the optical requirements of lens, fully taking into account the two eyes of pupillary distance and inclination of the frame, and so on. Should be according to the wearer's age, eye, face, eyebrow shape, select a suitable framework. General children's frames, choose plastic, nasal plane and stick to the right. Children wear a metal frame, because metal frame nose pads can cause allergies and oppression of the nasal bone. Plastic lenses are preferred in children. Glass lenses, high hardness, less prone to scratches, but could easily be broken. Plexiglas light weight, not easy to be broken, but softer and prone to scratches. Most children's naughty fun, for lens broken eye things happen, so consider safety aspects, is best resin film for children. If you are satisfied with the lens thickness or appearance, you can select thin lenses or non-spherical lens. If you frequently engaged in outdoor activities or travel, color-changing lenses is a good choice. As important as accurate precise grinding of glasses and optometry and eyeglasses grinding must be carried out strictly in accordance with prescribed glasses prescription. So, with glasses glasses must go to the hospital centre or professional optical shop.