Passive 3d Glasses Universal

passive 3d glasses universal Model size :147*49*167mm Model number :PH0012 Thickness :0.7mm ,can used over and over again Lens :Linear polarized glasses Degree :0/90 and 45/135

Product Details

passive 3d glasses universal

PH0012 passive 3D glasses universal linear polarized glasses for Imax cinema system and the degree are 0/90 and 45/135 .

The detail information as follows :

(1).Model number :PH0012

(2)Model size :147*49*167mm

(3).lens:linear polarized glasses

 (4). Suitable for watching 3D movies and 3D games; 

(5). We could print client's logo on the frame, to improve their brand in the market; 

(3).  We accept OEM order, client could design their own model shape, and we produce for them; 

(4).Material: ABS plastic frame, 0.7mm TAC lens; 

(5). Optical parameter: Polarized efficiency 99.99%, transmittance above 42%;

passive 3D glasses universal .jpg

passive 3D glasses for theater .jpg

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