3d cinema modulator system

Shenzhen HONY Optical Co.,Ltd is the best passive 3D cinema system manufacturer and supplier, welcome to wholesale passive 3D cinema system from our professional factory. Passive Circular Polarized 3D Cinema System For Cinema Use Model T5000 Usage Area Big 3D Cinema Products Size 80*10*13cm...

Product Details
Turbo Screen Polarizer Dimensions 234*211*25mm
Optical Princple Circular Polarization
Light Transmittance 40%±1
Cross talk ratio 0.5%
light Efficiency 17%
contrast Ratio 〉150:1
Suported Frame Rate 24/48/60 fps
2D/3D Intelligent Switchover(TMS) available
one-click Transposition of left and right picture available
Silver Screen Gain coefficient 〉2.4
Polarization contrast 〉150:1
Digital Projector Supported Brands NEC,Barco,Christie
Supported Luminance 32000lm


HONY3D-S,a circular passive 3D system

for cinema, employs an achromatic liquid

crystal device to achieve high contrast and

accurate gamma correction. Co-working withheat-resist technology, HONY3D-S can withstand intense light over 32000 lum (50000lum for laser projector).


17 % light efficiency


With excellent surface treatment and LC technology, HONY3D-S can provide 17% light efficiency.


0.5 % cross talk ratio


By controlling the LC molecules accurately, HONY3D-S provides ghost-free images to the viewer.


2D/3D automatic shift


TMS supported, HONY3D-S can detect the state of projector and shift between 2D and 3D mode





With the use of heat-resist coating technology, the maximum withstand 50000Lum glare.

Avoid dust accumulation without cooling fan.


No external power supply


With the use of ultra low power consumption electronic components, HONY3D-S works

without external power supply, it supplies power by 3D interface of the digital projector.