3d glasses for home theater

PL0029 have higher quality + scratch resistant lenses & stronger plastic for a longer life. Works perfectly with all passive 3D Televisions - SONY, Panasonic, LG, Philips and RealD Matched to work in home or traditional theaters

Product Details

3d glasses for home/traditional  theater

These amazing 3D glasses are a higher quality replacement for official LG 3D Glasses ,Works perfectly with all passive 3D Televisions ,Reald cinema ´╝îMasterimage cinema and Imax cinema .

These 3D glasses are passive 3D glasses and will not work with active Shutter glasses applications.

PL0029 lens can be circular polarized glasses or linear polarized glasses.

PL0029  lenses feature a superior scratch resistant coating to help them last longer and stand up to being worn over and over again.

Boating passive circular polarized 3D lenses, our movie glasses offer a more crisp, immersive experience while watching your favorite ultra-high definition 3D movies.

Excellent 3D effect ,make you have a good viewing experience .

They impress with their combination of elegance and sportiness, and are comfortable to wear.

When you want to experience 3D in total comfort, choose Hony3d  Passive Polarized 3D Glasses and enjoy watching movies in a breathtaking new way.